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Smart software & services for sustainable debtor management

About Risolto

Risolto provides smart software & services for the follow-up of invoices. Simply create your invoice in your existing (accounting / CRM) software, and Risolto takes care of the rest: sending, reminding, contacting and so on. For each debtor, a thorough overview is provided, with possible actions, e-mail & contact history, feedback on communication & a recommended communication strategy. Risolto is supported by a firm layer of AI. Our AI allows us to generate a custom communication strategy for each of your clients. Risolto takes over & automates your communications with your approval. Your clients are able to use digital playment plans & payment promises, which you create with one simple click. Follow-up is easy thanks to our dashboard. And finally, our collection partners are ready to support you should you need them: they are gathered under our Risolto Collect+ label. Risolto thus provides client experience, time gain & liquidity gain.

Risolto features

  • Import your invoices & data straight from Teamleader into Risolto.
  • Follow up with your clients and their invoices with some help from Risolto.
  • Risolto AI makes the follow-up as smooth & easy as possible.
  • Our smart automation helps you get more done with fewer clicks and more invoices paid with less hassle.
  • A broad selection of communication channels allow us to maximise client satisfaction.
  • Overview for each client, containing executed communications & data (such as time & date of the reception & opening of e-mails, registered mail, calls ...)
  • Each client has a tailored flow of actions, with adapted preferences for templates, communications, time & date, tone-of-voice...
  • It's possible to create & follow-up on payment plans & payment promises.
  • Our AI advises, personalises & executes according to your instructions.

Risolto pricing

Contact us for more information regarding our pricing: https://www.risolto.be/contact

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