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About Recovr

Recovr is the easiest way to manage and collect your invoices. Issue your invoice, we take care of the rest.

Recovr takes care of the whole credit management and debt collection process. From reconciliating payments to the handling of the case by a bailiff or a lawyer, we centralize every information and every step of your debt collection.

Forget about the expensive and time-consuming debt collection agencies. Using Recovr, you will be paid faster, with less effort.

Recovr features

  • The whole debt collection process is automated or accessed in 1-click on the platform: emails, postal mail, registered letters or third-parties.

  • 1-click access to third parties with no additional cost: using Recovr, you are 1-click away from a trained agent in a call-center, a bailiff office or a lawyer. All of this without additional cost.

  • All the stakeholders communicate on a single platform, you're done chasing the information.

  • Take the right decision at the right time: we unleash the power of the available data, from both public(+20 external data sources) and internal(payment behaviours) sources.

Recovr pricing

Our pricing starts at 49€/month, contact us for more details.

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