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About DeskDrive

DeskDrive is a software tool for organizing, optimizing and automating the internal processes. Therefore, it can be seen as a lever for business growth. Not only quotations and invoices can be made in DeskDrive, you can also follow customer relationships, stock, etc. Because we start from an in-depth analysis of your company's needs, it is a complete CRM & ERP system tailored to your company.

DeskDrive features

Prospects, customers, suppliers, resources, product sales, price lists, product composition, graduated prices, product matrix, material lists, opportunities, quotations (with costs), leads, orders (with costs), order forms, sales invoices, credit notes, payment control, payment reminders, export to the accountant, deliveries, delivery note, work order, maintenance forms, intervention forms, additional work, progress reports, timesheet, stock, production, tasks, time registration start / stop, planning, forms and reports, purchase products, price lists external suppliers, automatic update price lists suppliers, price requests, purchase orders, purchase invoices, pre- and post-calculation, payment automation, mail module, customer portal, webshop integrations, cash register, rest integrations.

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