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About Adfinity

Adfinity is the accounting program of choice for ambitious Belgian SMBs, looking for an advanced system with ERP financial capabilities. Adfinity is ideal for the financial and commercial management of your organization. In addition to it's praised user-friendliness, you can enjoy top class multi-language support.

Adfinity features

The Ponto integration in Adfinity allows a direct communication between Ponto and Adfinity via 4 buttons in the module batch of payment. This means Adfinity users can easily send, consult, sign and delete payments.

In a near future, this interface will also be integrated with the recuperation of statements of account in Adfinity.

Furthermore, Adfinity's offers added value that goes beyond saving time, It brings added value in terms of:

  • Reporting
  • Automation
  • Digitization of workflows
  • Budget management and planning
  • Paperless working and much more.

Adfinity pricing

Every company is different and has different needs. That's why Adfinity is a flexible, modular solution.

The pricing of Adfinity depends on:

  • the number of users and the desired features
  • the way you want to use our software: in the cloud or installed locally on your own IT infrastructure

The pricing starts from €390/month

Adfinity integration screenshots

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