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Going beyond expertise to enable your digital business transformation Digital business transformation is what we do. Making sure organizations are ready to deliver for the end customer of today and those of tomorrow.

End-to-end business processes As a European end-to-end partner we achieve your goals, boosted by inspired thinking. Bridging teams and their knowledge to deliver real value that goes beyond expertise.

A future proof partnership We advise our clients to make the right decisions together and help them step by step. We work with a long term and future proof partnership in mind.

Industry expertise World-class proven platforms and best-of-breed industry solutions are complemented with best practice business processes tailored to your business needs. Thanks to our industry expertise, we are able to combine speed and quality into your digital transformation journey.

9altitudes is a European consulting group that consolidates local organizations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France and Slovenia.

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Introducing Extended Banking from 9altitudes

Simplify Your Banking Processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Are you tired of managing your banking processes separately from your ERP system?

Do you want a seamless integration that streamlines your financial operations? Look no further! With Extended Banking from 9altitudes, you can simplify your banking processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain.

Extended Banking offers a powerful solution that synchronizes (via API’s) your bank accounts with Finance & Supply Chain. Gain real-time visibility into your current balance and transactions, empowering you to make informed financial decisions instantly. No more manual reconciliations or delays in accessing critical financial data.

One of the standout features of Extended Banking is its seamless integration with the Banking module and the Ponto platform. The API connection lets you generate payment proposal directly from Bank to the Ponto platform effortlessly. Enjoy a hassle-free transfer of data and ensure compliance with the European PSD2 legislation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain is an ERP system tailored for medium-sized enterprises. With Extended Banking, you can enhance the capabilities of Finance & Supply Chain to meet your specific business needs. Extend and optimize your organization's financial operations with additional extensions from 9altitudes, a renowned software company specializing in developing Finance & Supply Chain extensions.

9altitudes extensions are designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems, eliminating the need for manual data transfers. By leveraging these connections 9altitudes empowers you to focus on your organization's growth and success, rather than wasting time and resources on mundane data management tasks.

Discover the power of Extended Banking from 9altitudes and unlock the true potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain. To learn more about how Extended Banking can revolutionize your banking processes, contact our dedicated team at corp.marketing@9altitudes.com or visit our website.

Simplify your financial operations and elevate your business to new heights with Extended Banking today!

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