IZIAGO integration

Iziago, payment and treasury management software for SMEs


Iziago has partnered with Ponto to offer in its software the automatic retrieval of the balance and movements of your accounts in all European banks.

Why Ponto?

The Ponto solution allows you to connect and synchronize all your bank accounts to the Iziago application. You can retrieve all your account information directly into the Cash forecasting module.

With this option, Iziago saves you time! You can see at a single glance the available cash on all your bank accounts. You will be able to anticipate efficiently your treasury requirements and make the right decisions for your company, especially in the current crisis.

How does it work in Iziago?

You can retrieve the account statements of all your banks in Iziago directly online in a few steps. In fact, after activating the option in the parameters, the software will guide you step by step.

First, you will be asked to register on the Ponto website. Once you have created your account, you will need to register your bank accounts’ IBAN and BIC on Ponto, and then allow synchronization with Iziago.

These simple steps will allow you to view your bank balances and transactions in Iziago as well as your account statements without logging on to each bank’s website.

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